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Reading and researching - lisatuttle
Reading and researching
I've been doing research on the internet all afternoon and am now feeling faintly sickish. Why is reading on-screen so different from reading books? Or is it just the way I have to keep wading through stuff searching for one little nugget -- whether it is something listed in a university's special collection, or an item in a newspaper from 1890.

And I will have many many books to read this coming year, having agreed to be a judge for the Shirley Jackson Award. Here's a link to the press release, if you're interested: http://shirleyjacksonawards.blogspot.com/2009/11/new-advisors-jurors-added-for-shirley.html

Would I ever have believed, back in my teens when I was constantly searching for more stuff to read (and occasionally even running out of books I wanted to read) that there would come a time when I would actually OWN more books than I could manage to read in ten years? Not that I am tired of reading, mind you. Just feeling a little overwhelmed. Especially as so much of it looks so GOOD.

The rain is lashing down outside and the wind is howling, so taking a break to take the dog for a walk isn't on. Guess it'll have to be a housework break instead...

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lewis_p_bear From: lewis_p_bear Date: November 22nd, 2009 06:22 pm (UTC) (Link)

Too much stuff

Some time ago we bought a device which scans bar codes and allows you to catalogue CDs DVDs and books.
It took the Bear about a week to put all the DVDs on and a little longer to scan in the CDs. As we have to work this was all during evening and any spare time (what’s that? Ed).
Books. Not even made a start. The job is just too daunting.
We all love to read and despite interruptions for work food and the other inescapable of life we have accumulated so many that the overflow has to live in boxes.
The "to read" section is smaller than in days past as we no longer spend out working life in shops but it will still see us to the end of next year and, with luck, there will be new books coming out which we MUST read and they go to the top of the pile.
And my point.
Ain’t it nice to live in a time when too much is the problem!
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