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Pictures - lisatuttle — LiveJournal
Fretting today over possibility (e.g. got an email to say photographer was being sent, but no reply to my reply re: how to find me) that my picture may be taken for Scotland on Sunday this morning...what to wear? I love this top, but will my bra-strap show? Beads or scarf? (But I NEVER wear a scarf, except for practical purposes. Looks very arty...but is it ME?) Does it matter what jeans/leggings/etc I wear? Surely this isn't going to be a head-to-toe job? I have been assuming B&W, but what if it is colour -- then I'll wish I had picked something other than a grey top. I need a quick conclave with my most stylish girlfriends...but that is not so easy to arrange at short notice, with my friends so scattered, especially as me doing a style-show before the webcam really does NOT appeal.

And, of course, I am getting my hair cut this evening. What timing!! Why didn't I get a psychic flash last week to make the appointment for Tuesday instead?

Anyway, I would prefer to run a picture of my ancestor, as here.

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