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Update on Write-a-thon

Yesterday was a good writing day.  After the mental agony on Sunday, I wrote the "problem" scene on Monday and couldn't understand what I was making such a fuss about. I find that often happens -- oh, the time I have spent trying to get a character out of a room (or something similarly trivial), only to wonder a day later why I didn't just open the door... !  If only problems in Real Life were so easily resolved.

Here's the tally:  on Monday I wrote from page 94 through page 99 (which was only two lines, but the end of a chapter.) All new material, so at some point I will go back and revise. Today, pp. 100-105, which was reworking of first draft, and involved more cutting than expanding, but just might be final draft, or nearly.  

Just found out that my (usually) monthly book review will not be required in July, so while that is not good news financially, it means I don't have to stop working on my own book this week to write it.
Nature Notes:  Wild strawberries have appeared in the garden, finally. (I have been watching out for them.) They seem a bit late producing fruit this year, but maybe I am mis-remembering.  I don't know if they were originally planted by the people who owned this house before us (that would be more than 18 years ago!) and then spread, or if a kindly bird left a deposit, but they grow mostly in areas where nothing is supposed to grow, e.g. the driveway and gravelled paths at the side of the house, so I suppose they fit the definition of weeds.  But nicer weeds I cannot imagine: they look lovely, have no thorns, and produce tiny but intensely sweet and delicious fruit. 

Foxgloves are especially noticeable right now, by the side of the road and in the woods, where they shoot up out of the bracken. (For those who don't know bracken, it resembles those gigantic ferns from the age of the dinosaurs.) The flowers are lovely, but there's something faintly sinister about them to my mind.  I'm not sure why...there might be something in fairy-lore that I can't quite remember, or maybe it is their height, the way they rear up from the masses of green around them like bright flags.
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