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I've just returned from a gentle, late-afternoon stroll down the road with daughter and dog, in the sunlight (warmest it's been all day).  Along the way we found and ate a few late -- but still ripe and edible -- raspberries.  I'm not sure why finding food for free, in the wild, like this makes me so happy, but it always does, even when the berries aren't as big or sweet as the ones you can buy in the shops.  Must be a stirring of the ancient hunter-gatherer (emphasis on the gatherer of course) brain.  

This reminds me that I recently saw an item in a newspaper gardening column suggesting that a good way of keeping bamboo from spreading was to pick and eat the tender shoots.  Some could be eaten raw, but other types would need cooking -- possibly up to 20 minutes or more -- to make them tender enough to be edible, and only practice would reveal which was which.  Although I don't have any bamboo in the garden (and am not much of a gardener, frankly), several years ago I'd noticed a little stand of bamboo shooting up on the edge of the woods behind our house.  I have no idea how it got there (birds?) although I do recall reading somewhere that fifty-plus years ago, one of the ideas floating around to bring gainful employment to this area involved planting bamboo. now that bamboo really has spread quite a bit (I expect it will turn up in our garden eventually) even if it isn't quite the sort of bamboo forest to be seen in "The House of Flying Daggers", and it occurred to me that some sort of picking action would be a good thing.  So, I clipped the article and magnet-ed it to the fridge, and was getting quite excited about this new source of free food, and wondering when the best time to try it would be...when I remembered: I don't actually like bamboo shoots.  

And we don't keep pandas.
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