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Foraging notes

I'm just back from walking the dog up the hillside, where I found and feasted upon the first ripe blackberries of the season. (The season starts later here than it does further south. I remember when I lived in Devon there was a saying about the devil and blackberries, the purport of which was that they're no good to eat after the end of September.  In Scotland, though, most of them don't get ripe until the end of this month, and unless there's an early frost, they are generally even better in early October.) 

I also found a pile of discarded hazlenut shells beneath the small tree or large bush that grows just outside our back gate, evidence of mouse feastings, I suppose, unless there are some other local nutivores (something seems to be nibbling the leaves, too);  so I looked for some I could pick, but managed to find out three (within reach), none of which are ripe.  I picked them anyway, remembering that last year the nuts ripened even after being picked, and clearly if I don't grab them when I can there won't be any left for later.

The heather is just beautiful right now -- so many different shades of pink and purple!  Nature as designed by a very girly six-year-old girl.
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