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My Death

My Death is a novella I wrote originally for PS in 2004 (and there are still some of the signed, limited edition available from them) but it's now Number 21 in Aqueduct Press's "Conversation Pieces" series, thus making its North American debut at last, and with a new afterword, "The Holding Tank of the Eternal Feminine--Not" by L. Timmel Duchamp.

Here's the back-cover description:

The narrator of this creepy but feministically delicious novella, an early 21st-century novelist, decides to write the biography of Helen Ralston, an all-but-forgotten 20th-century novelist she has long admired.  In the late 1920s, Helen studied painting with W.E. Logan.  Logan painted her as Circe and Helen painted herself as an island.  When they parted for good, both turned to writing.  Willy became famous; Helen did not.  The narrator of My Death intends to do something about that.  But first she must solve the mystery of Helen's relationship with Willy and why Helen titled her self-portrait "My Death."

Check it out!

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