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Young Mrs. Clarke


If I hadn't agreed to take part in the Clarion West Write-a-thon, would I have written anything at all this past week?  Busy-busy-busy, and on top of that, the weather has been great (for a change), a reminder that this is a part of the world that attracts tourists, and making me long to be on holiday so I can get out and enjoy it. But I have a book to (re)write! Guilt can be a good thing, I guess.  I had to make time, and I did. (Not enough, of course, but still.)  I've just finished the first section, having arrived at page 143. If memory serves, I was on page 94 when the Write-a-thon kicked off, so that makes 49 pages so far.  Hey!  Not too bad!  Especially considering that my modest but achievable aim for the whole 6 weeks was a minimum of 60 pages.  

Now I should bestir myself to try to scare up a few more sponsors.  If anyone out there feels the call, log on to the Clarion West website and please do make a donation.

Today I didn't actually write, but proofread the galleys of "My Death" for Aqueduct Press when not making a new soup (celery, potato and cheese with freshly made stock), running errands, doing laundry, or worrying about why the dog is walking funny. (She is an old lady now, but...this is new.)

Watched the first episode of a new TV series last night: "Bonekickers."  It was a bit ridiculous (the speed at which the archaeologists made their amazing discoveries was particularly mind-boggling, although at least they treated the site with respect (mostly) unlike Indiana Jones) but HUGE fun.  I do love that crossover between history/archeaology and mysticism. Great production values -- looked like no expense spared, lovely settings, terrific actors.   I will definitely be watching again next week.  It's written by the excellent (and wonderfully named) Ashley Pharoah.